Ameer R.

Congratulations Ameer Richmond! Ameer joined Youth Enrichment Services in January 2019 with the goal of attaining his GED. Now, with all his hard work and motivation, he has finally obtained his GED in April, 2019. Ameer would like to continue his education with the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator program at Castrovalley Adult School! Great job Ameer! Keep the motivation going!


Mariah F.

Congratulations Mariah Fountain! Mariah joined Youth Enrichment Services in January 2019 with the goal of attaining her GED. She has persevered through many obstacles and has finally obtained her GED on February 20, 2019. Mariah plans to attend Chabot College this summer and study Psychology to become a Mental Health Counselor. Great job Mariah! Keep it up!!


Eligio V.


Eligio Villanueva Gomez Jr. joined Youth Enrichment Services in September 2016 with the goal of earning his GED by the end of 2017. During his participation Eligio did an internship with Cal State East Bay Grounds Department. As Eligio was moving through the program he began to lose motivation and stopped pursuing his GED. Eventually Eligio was exited from the program in the summer of 2017. In February 2018 Eligio came back to the program with a new outlook on his goals. Working hard with his new case manager Angela Holmes, Eligio was able to earn his GED by May 3, 2018. Eligio new goal is attending WyoTech  Fall 2018. 

David C.

David C. joined Youth Enrichment Services in February 2018 in order to pursue his GED. With drive, motivation, and the support of his Case Manager, David successfully completed all GED subjects in one month. Even though, David completed his primary goal, he continues to participate in the program saying yes to all opportunities that came his way. Right after completing his tests, David interviewed with East Bay Regional Park and was offered a paid internship as a Park Ranger Assistant. David also attended a Level Up course facilitated by Hack to Hood at the Hayward Adult School. This crash course exposed David to computer coding, computer design, and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. 

David continues to intern with East Bay Regional Park and gain a wide array of industry exposure through various workshops at the Hayward Adult School. 


Tony G.

Tony G .png

Tony G. joined Youth Enrichment Services in October 2016. Tony had a clear goals in mind: earning her GED and participating in an office internship.  Tony attended GED classes at Castro Valley Adult School while six months pregnant and participated in an internship with State Farm Insurance. Within two months of enrolling into YES, Tony passed two GED tests. Tony started 2017 with a new baby girl and a renewed sense of motivation to accomplish her goals. In order to take care of her child, Tony continued her studies at home. After months of perseverance, determination, and focus, Tony passed the last two tests in December 2017 and February 2018. Now with her GED in hand, Tony is eagerly preparing to begin college in Fall 2018.

Jacket Drive 2017

The Hayward Adult School Annual Jacket Drive came right in time for the beginning of winter. With funds donated through Seek & Save, we were able to provide 200 jackets for YES participants and our community at last night's Jacket Drive.

We are very thankful to all the donors who contributed their time and funds to keep our community warm:


The Aguilera Family
The Bigelow Family
The Boykin Family
C & D Automotive
Cash for Cans
The DeLand Family
Hayward Fire Chief's Association
Hayward Firefighters Local 1909
The Huezo Family
The Lobo Family
The Madhukansh Family
The Meza Family
The Mulray Family
The Reed Family
The Richardson Family
The Ruiz Family
Semano Inc
The Scott Family
Sunshine Auto Detail
The Zerme Family

We are especially grateful to Seek & Save for being our fiscal sponsors, Fremont Costco for donating hot chocolate and cookies, and the photographers at the Jacket Drive: Bolthar Garcia from the City of Hayward and Eric Kuo. 

We hope you have a cozy holiday season!